Sophos UTM’s Webserver Protection with Emby

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Sophos UTM’s Webserver Protection with Emby

Hey Guys,

In this guide I will be showing you show to setup Sophos UTM’s Webserver protection to work with media browser. I use this feature because it allows me to direct traffic to different servers depending on the domain name. I have a wildcard SSL certificate which I got at a bargain price, you can do this with or without a SSL.


First step is to check your current port situation in media browser this will be needed to setup sophos utm. In my example i am using only https for external traffic and http for internal. I use port 8920 (default) for internal https and port 443 for the public https port.



Next you need to create a “Real web server” in Sophos UTM, if you are creating a http only port then change the “type” to http. You may then need to enable to “real web server” rule in sophos utm by checking the green button.



Next you need to create a “virtual web server”

3-2  You need to set your interface to the external network.

If your using http set the type to http. if your using https then set your certificate that you will have needed to import in to sophos utm.

Next you will need to enter the domain name that sophos utm can then send the traffic to media browser and then select the “real web server” you set up earlier.

Now the important part to make everything work! You must enable “pass Host header” or mediabrowser wont know whats going on! then click save and enable everything and restart media browser and you should be good to go!



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  1. grenloch1010 says:

    Great post! I was able to configure my UTM following your instructions and can access Media Browser via the webclient external to my home network. Have you been able to access mediabrowser using an app? I try with the iOS app using my domain name and port 443 but get an error. I’m able to connect using the app if I connect to my VPN first. Thanks for any help.

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