pfsense Box update

My Watchguard x700 box finally arrived last night turned it on and found that there was a Boot Error shown on the LCD screen.

At this point i thought oh well better take a look inside so i looked at all the connections and checked that the CF card was installed correctly. They all was install correctly so i thought maybe it was the OS install so i got my 2GB CF card that i was going to use to install pfsense on to i then installed pfsense on it then placed it in the Watchguard unit.

I then turned it on same error occurred :/ so i took another look inside and i started resetting the jumpers for the bios no change. I then saw a jumper next to the CF card reader and IDE port so i thought hmm wonder if it is used to set the default drive so i change the jumpers around and it booted in to pfsense!!!

I then plugged the serial cable in and connected to it. Then i configured all of the ports

re0 -> WAN
re1 -> LAN
re2 -> OPT1
re3 -> OPT2
re4 -> OPT3
re5 -> OPT4

Then i connected my laptop to the LAN port on the pfsense box and set a static IP to no gateway

This meant that i could connect to the pfsense box over the web GUI ( because once the pfsense boots and you see Boot Complete and here a nice sound from the box you cant use the serial connection anymore from what i could tell.

Hope this may help someone else!! In my next post i will explain how to install pfsense to CF card and what to choose for the x700 and then how to setup PPPoe and using BT Bussiness Routor as a Modem!

Stay Tuned


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