pfsense and BT Business Router As Modem

Hey Guys

Just an update on the pfsense setup, after a while i finaly got it all running how i want it to, after many ties of doing the same thing my Static IP’s desided to work. For anyone configuring BT’s Static IP’s with pfsense make you make the CARP IP addresses, set them there own VHID Group and just make up a password.

Then reboot everything let the pfsence box connect over pppoe then leave then try and ping your IP from If you don’t receive a ping you then should try and 1:1 to a PC/ Server the IP then try and ping again if this don’t work then just leave it a little longer if that don’t work then just double and triple check that your subnet mask is correct!!

Anyway, a moan about the BT Business Router i currently have it setup in bridge mode which is fine until the power goes out.. Then I cant get internet so i go to the BT Business hub and find that its reset it self back to a router not just a modem!! wtf BT! So in my experience don’t use them as a modem!! Buy something else for the modem! I will be !!

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