New Server Case – X-Case RM 420 Gen II

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New Server Case – X-Case RM 420 Gen II

I recently bought a new case for my file server from X-Case, it has 20 hot swap bays which is great! So i thought i would show everyone some pictures and tell you my thoughts on the case / build.

Ordering from X-Case was a breeze they are a great company and willing to help you out with what every questions you have. I ordered on the Thursday and it was with me on the Friday which is great as i hate waiting for my products that are as exciting as this!

When it arrived it was very well packed in two boxes for extra padding i guess. When i opened up the box i found the rails on top and even more padding! The rails are epic! Very well built and hold the server really well.


I got the case out of the box and put it on my table and here are a few pictures without any components in it. It came with the front mesh installed which is solid metal! The whole case is very heavy but very well built ! The front mesh is lockable so it can be used to protect the hard drives if the case was in a Data center for even at home and didn’t want the kids (or the partner) pressing the off button!

On removing the front panel you can see all of the drive bays! Look how pretty they look! I have also never seen USB 3.0 on a server before luckily i have a USB3 capable motherboard in my server so i will be able to use them but even if i didn’t the end connector comes with a USB2 connector so could put on to a normal USB header that is just amazing never seen that before!

IMAG0172 IMAG0174


I next opened up the case and there is just so much space for all the components only thing i wish is that there the cable holes through the center panel but i can understand why they are how they are without making the fans smaller. It comes with 3 120mm fans that are slightly loud but i personally can bare with it but will be replacing at some point, these fans can be removed my pulling the leaver in and lifting up so they are basically hot swap fans. Any 120mm fan can then be installed in to the orange housing and then re installed all without turning the system off. There are two fans at the rear of the case which are not hot swap.

The backplanes have 1 molex power connector and 1 Mini-SAS connector which i really like becuase i hated the look of my old file server with all the SATA cables. All i need now is 5 Mini-Sas cables going to my raid card. In the box there was also a box of goodies, some of the metal brackets i have no idea what they are used for but if i took a guess they are to change what type of PSU is used. It also comes with lots of screws that are clearly labels (which i really like). They also include a tool that will help you remove the backplane screws if needed to.

IMAG0175 IMAG0173

I couldn’t wait to install my hardware so i got straight to it! Installing everything was a breeze! I recommend removing the hot swap fans while installing the cables in to the backplanes so you know everything connected properly. At the moment i am currently only using two backplanes as i only have a 8 Port raid card but i am currently buying a new raid card and Intel Sas Expander so i will be able to use all backplanes when i need to, i bought to case so i can expand over the years. This case will last me for many many years to come.



Here is a picture of it in the rack (on the rails) which were really easy to fit to the case and in the rack. I have some rails from X-Case that were little bit annoying to install because there was lots of screws but these rails just get screwed to the rack and slide to adjust to the correct size of rack.


I am so glad i decided to buy this case over a case that i found on which was slightly cheaper but didn’t include rack rails and just didn’t look as nice as this one, it also didn’t have the hot swap fans and the front grill. I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a 20 bay server case! Id give the case 9/10 because of the small cable holes but everything else is perfect.


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