New Router Build – Sophos UTM

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New Router Build – Sophos UTM

I am currently in the stages of building a new router which will run Sophos UTM Home Edition. I have ordered all the parts but am just waiting on everything arriving.

The spec i went with is as follows.

Motherboard / CPU / RAM : For the motherboard and CPU i bought a (GIGABYTE GA-E350N-USB3) which has an embedded cpu and runs at a maximum of 18 watts. I got the motherboard and 4GB of ram for (£40) which is a bargain if you think that currently RAM prices are through the roof.

Case : The case i choose is a small depth 1U case (SC-13250) as i wanted a small unit that would be around the same size as my old watchguard unit which was running pfsense. (£35)

Power supply : The power supply i found in an old 1U server i had that the motherboard died so the PSU was just sitting there (£0)

Hard Drive : I am using an old 60GB SSD for this build which i found again in an old server i had (£0)

Network Card : I bought a Dual Gigabit network card i have one already in my main rig and have a 4 port version in my file server. (£15)

PCI Riser : I needed a PCI express riser card so that i could mount the network card on its side so it would go in the the case. (£5)

Total Price : £95

I will be doing a series of posts on how to setup Sophos UTM using PPPoe and BT Home Broadband.  Stay Tuned.




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