New Dell PowerConnect 2724 Gigabit Managed Switch

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New Dell PowerConnect 2724 Gigabit Managed Switch

I received my new Dell PowerConnect 2724 switch last week and have been playing around with getting it to work how i want it to. I bought it because i wanted a Managed switch in the loft because i have one already in the garage. I am planning on having 2 cables going from the garage switch to the loft switch and  setting them up to run together so i will get double the bandwidth over them two ports. Then i am going to run an extra cable to my computer from the switch and setup LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) on my pc. My file server currently has 4 Gig ports teamed together with LACP in the garage.

I’m currently getting max output 130Mbps because i only have one cable beyond the garage switch. I’m using an amazing program called FancyCache (Currently in Beta) on my file server this caches reads and writes to the ram before then copying the file to the hard drive which means i can get stupid reads and writes from my file server over the network.


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