My MDT Configuration

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My MDT Configuration

Ive been messing around with MDT for a few days for a project that I will be involved in at my college, I have done a lot of research and have created a basic CustomConfig.ini to get most things fully automated.

Below is my configuration, this configuration will skip the login part of the deployment with the (UserID, UserDomain, UserPassword) properties set.

It will automatically fill in the domain screen with the credentials set (DomainAdmin, DomainAdminDomain, DomainAdminPassword, JoinDomain, MachineObjectOU)

The configuration will Set everything to UK inc UK keyboard and UK Language.

It also sets the use of my WSUS server to get the updates as I have my windows updates to install after deployment to make sure everything is up to date.

This configuration is very basic and lots more powerful stuff like set computer name depending on MAC address.




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