Install Cpanel on Windows Azure

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Install Cpanel on Windows Azure

I decided that as i have access to Windows Azure i would see what i could get out of it. I wanted to try cpanel again as it now looks and feels so much better than when i first used it!

So i tried to install it on a Windows Azure Virtual machine, So i first installed OpenLogic Centos 6. I then tried to install Cpanel after about a minute where Cpanel does the fetching of package it failed.

I got the error message

I was like ah damn let take a look at whats going wrong 🙂

So i played around abit and i tried this command.

It worked! Now i started the install again and it installed flawlessly!

Once it was all installed i realized that Cpanel doesn’t natively support NAT As Windows Azure uses NAT this was a problem. So i did a little digging around online and found a post on the Cpanel forum.

This helped me get the DNS side of things working correctly and Wooo everything worked great! 🙂


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