How to enable WSUS Updates – MDT Deployment

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How to enable WSUS Updates – MDT Deployment

Ive been messing around with MDT for few days and have worked out few things so i thought i would share.

I use WSUS to control my Windows updates so i first had to specify my WSUS in my MDT server configuration to do this i went in to my Deployment Share Properties then in to rules.

I then added at the bottom

Next i went in to my Task Sequence Properties and went down to State Restore Section and selected Windows Update, there are two of them one of which is used to run all windows update before application installed and another is used to run it again after the applications are installed.

So if you install Office as part of the deployment then you would want to run the Windows Update after as well to catch the office updates.


I then Updated The deployment share and as i’m using WDS with MDT I replaced my exciting boot image with the new one it created.


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