File Server Upgrade

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File Server Upgrade

I have been thinking for a while that i would upgrade my file server and when i saw on eBay a Server Grade Motherboard going for a really good price i thought lets go for it! So i bought the “Intel Server Board S5000PSL” for £12.50! I have just bought a processor to go in this system “Intel Xeon E5550” for £29.99 its a 2.83Ghz Quad Core Processor which will be fine for a file server. The server also have 8GB ECC Ram as i had it laying around.

I have also bought a new Raid Card! “Highpoint RocketRaid 2680SGL” Its a bit of an old ish card but i didn’t want to spend a fortune on a Raid card. I spend £70 + £8 for the 2 “3Ware SFF-8087” Cables which allowed me to plug it in to my SATA backplane on my server case.

This server is running Windows Server 2012 Storage Edition (From MSDN) The server has also got 4 GB Network ports because the motherboard came with two and i already had a Intel Pro PT 1000 Dual Gigabit NIC from the old file server. I am currently using all the NIC’s in one network team but i will be moving them to two Teams when i finish college for the year and have time to go outside and mess around with everything.

I’ve also just Purchased (as i’m writing this) a TL-WA901ND for £21 This is a 300Mbps Wireless Access Point. That will be replacing my old BT Business Hub that i re purposed in to a Wireless Access point. Its very slow and now i have my Nexus 7 i want to stream Movies to that from my File Server and the current Access point cannot handle the traffic. Also the range is terrible . I will also be buying some new Wireless   antennas for it depending on how the wireless range is. The reason its not very good is because its go to go through the roof. So we will have to see.

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