A update

Haven’t done an update in a while finaly got my laptop its got

Quad Core i3
500GB HDD (Soon to be upgraded to 250GB SSD)

Its a very nice laptop and very fast and does everything that i will need for while. As i dont need to play games on the laptop as have Xbox and PC. So my laptop is for coding and college work and general internet stuff.

I’ve also install Windows 8 RTM on the laptop and so far running ok have run in to a few problems though don’t know if its because I upgraded from Windows 7 not a clean install but i don’t seem to be able to access the Windows Store and games or anything that’s a metro app. I’ve done some searching but cant find anything. I am going to do a clean install soon.

Update on the Pfsense box and BT Business hub, i ended up stop using the BT Business hub as a modem and switched to a Belkin routor which is working great so far.

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