A Small Update :)

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A Small Update :)

Hey guys

Sorry i havent posted in a month but been very busy with upgrading all my servers to Server 2012! I had a few problems when upgrading my domain controllers to server 2012 but i sorted in the end but then i decided that i would re do my whole network! So ive reinstalled all the servers and created the Domain network again. Last time i kept adding things which made it a pain in ass to manage so this time im going to add it all at once and configure it propley and make sure everything works! Also i have re done my whole server rack tided up all the cables and moved my switch, ive also ran out of ports on my gigabit switch so i am buying a new 24 port netgear managed switch to add to the network for redundancy then i am going to be getting some more network cards for my server currently i have 2 network cards in my file server and i want to upgrade that to 6

4 normal traffic
2 iscsi traffic

I have been doing some research on speeding up the network connection and i found Jumbo packets, if you have a switch and network card that supports this ENABLE IT! My speed for transferring a 3GB file went from 50MB sec to 120MB sec! well worth enabling!

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