Month: February 2015

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How to enable WSUS Updates – MDT Deployment

Ive been messing around with MDT for few days and have worked out few things so i thought i would share. I use WSUS to control my Windows updates so i first had to specify my WSUS in my MDT server configuration to do this i went in to my Deployment Share Properties then in…
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My MDT Configuration

Ive been messing around with MDT for a few days for a project that I will be involved in at my college, I have done a lot of research and have created a basic CustomConfig.ini to get most things fully automated. Below is my configuration, this configuration will skip the login part of the deployment…
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Sophos UTM’s Webserver Protection with Emby

Hey Guys, In this guide I will be showing you show to setup Sophos UTM’s Webserver protection to work with media browser. I use this feature because it allows me to direct traffic to different servers depending on the domain name. I have a wildcard SSL certificate which I got at a bargain price, you…
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New Crucial MX100 512GB SSD

I’ve just bought a new Crucial MX100 512GB SSD for my VM storage in HV1. I plan to take out the current 2 x 1TB and put them in my file server for backups for all my vm’s and pc’s. My current backup drive is only 500gb and is full so that drive will then…
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